Writing Contests

      I recently decided to enter a few writing contests. I read the FAQ & instructions on many websites. 3 things stuck out to me:

  1. “Sour Grapes- please don’t comment that someone you know thinks your story was better than the winners.”
  2. “Here’s a detailed list of rules. Please don’t break them.”
  3. “Please don’t threaten to sue us if you get disqualified for not following the rules.”

      That list is paraphrased, of course. But, it’s basically the same in every competition. I think that’s sad. These organizations offer us a chance for an award, usually some form of publication, cash prizes… & they have to put up with people throwing hissy fits like a toddler?

The number 1 reason not to do this? You become a person that no one in the industry wants to work with- no matter how talented you are. Number 2? How would YOU feel if you won, & all you heard was how bad your story/book was? Number 3? It makes you a very small person.

      Don’t be that person! I’ve read many winning stories that wouldn’t be my 1st choice, but that’s being human. Our preferences make us who we are. So don’t be a bitch just because you’re jealous.  ;^D


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