Learning to Write & Edit Better

Taking online classes, workshops, and webinars can help you hone your craft.


“Constructive Criticism” Can Be Agony

You sweat & cry for hours, weeks... sometimes years, to perfect your beautiful work of art. You share it with great trepidation- only to hear it needs serious work. Those editors, agents, beta readers, etc aren't necessarily correct, right? After all, J.K. Rowling was turned down 12 times before being published. So how do you deal with... Continue Reading →

Great Weekend!

I'm so honored to have been able to attend the All Write Now! Writer's Conference in Cape Girardeau, MO Saturday, July 15th. I had a BLAST! The faculty was amazing & the guidance they offered- invaluable. It's so hard for shy people to network, but the culture was so welcoming & relaxing. I felt like... Continue Reading →

Writing Contests

      I recently decided to enter a few writing contests. I read the FAQ & instructions on many websites. 3 things stuck out to me: "Sour Grapes- please don't comment that someone you know thinks your story was better than the winners." "Here's a detailed list of rules. Please don't break them." "Please... Continue Reading →

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